People over
Pixels – always

Current mission

If I would sum up my inner "mantra" I guess it would be that I believe in people. In helping each other overcome challenges and going to bed every day with a feeling, that we did something to move this world further.

Currently, I'm trying to help humans discover new horizons & shorten distances by improving the experience of travel. Being it your daily commute to work or vacation on the other shore of the ocean by building the Virtual Global Super-carrier at UX Team 2019 - Spring teambuilding
Closing remarks on the UX Travel Sprint 2019 in Bratislava

Previous lives

In my previous lives, I helped redefine education by designing the next-gen information portals for parents, students & teachers at Edookit. I created experiences in political campaigns, helped musicians get noticed, shot award-winning short movies and worked in photography. As a student, I have been awarded by the United Nations and the president of Slovakia.

Outside of the office

I have always been running. Thousands of kilometres a year filled with thinking, listening & conversations over the last decade formed who I am as a person today.

Usually, when some thought is lingering in my head, I'm trying to write about it on my blog. Reading & writing helps me to organise my thoughts. As the numbers suggest, people sometimes find my ramblings interesting. Until this day, the articles accumulated for more than 60k views together.

Speaking about scaling design processes at UXZ in Prague.
UXZ Conference 2019
Prague, Czechia 2019
Design as a glue (video in CZ)
IxDA Meetup: Leading Design
Zagreb, Croatia 2019
From a design team to a design organisation
UX Meetup
Brno, Czechia 2019
Designing Culture (video)
Devs Rooftop Meetup
Brno, Czechia 2018
Measuring User Experience (video)
World Usability Day 2018
Bratislava, Slovakia 2018
What challenges is currently a fast growing travel design team facing