MJ presenting at UX Hackathon in Bratislava
Current mission
Building the virtual global supercarrier

I'm trying to help humans discover new horizons & shorten distances by improving the experience of travel. Being it your daily commute to work or vacation on the other shore of the ocean. I lead a product design team and together with my teammates we have helped Kiwi.com to achieve these milestones:

The life outside of my design bubble.
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The Story
Cameras, education & travelling

My first encounter with the creative world (and Photoshop CS2) was through photography. Creating surrealistic floating portraits of people taught me many niche techniques for creating stuff in graphics software. I expanded my work officially as a freelancer and learned tools like Adobe Premiere and After Effects. I was a nerd for cameras and decided to re-install the devices' official firmware to access their full potential and shot videos with a movie like 10-bit color space on a personal camera.

During my high school years, I always thought about connecting my passion for technology with the creative mind. I found digital product design as the perfect combination of both and went onto studying software engineering. I later changed schools and moved to Copenhagen to follow a bachelor's in design & business. I finished the academic journey with a minor in UX design at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

To continue growing, I decided to stop freelancing and joined an ambitious product team at Edookit. We went onto fight the low budgets of schools and disrupting education with affordable technology. As we scaled to affect hundreds of thousands of people's daily work, I felt ready for the next bigger step. In 2017 I joined Kiwi.com, and it has been a ride of a lifetime. We have quadrupled the design team, brought on people from almost all continents, and made travel more comfortable and affordable. We helped millions of people to explore the world and expand their horizons.

Looking back, the entire journey has been possible because of meeting inspiring people along the way. Therefore I decided to focus my next chapter on leadership and empowering others.